Client: Morphic Asset Management
Project: IPO Campaign
Year: 2017

Communications Strategy
Creative Direction
Campaign Design & Direction
Video production

Print Design
Media Planning & Buying

In a world where the quest for returns on investment can overshadow the means through which a profit is made, Morphic Asset Management wanted to demonstrate that investing ethically can reap rewards for both planet and profit.

Tasked with the marketing and advertising of their Morphic Ethical Equities Fund, and it's IPO, Nectar was asked to provide a communications strategy and media plan that would not only articulate the benefits of investing ethically and raise awareness of their ethical fund, but ultimately drive investments and raise funds pre-listing on the stock market.

A strategy spanning two phases of delivery, phase one saw us focus on asking investors to think about where their money was invested, and the harm being done to our world through investments in fossil fuels, alcohol, and gambling. Phase two of this campaign then focused on the urgency of taking action against these harmful industries, communicating how easy it is to change an investment strategy and lastly the urgency of an IPO end-date.

Executed through a large-scale press campaign spanning digital and print, along with campaign landing pages, paid search, social and video, the campaign raised $42 million AUD over an 8 week period.


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