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Why we recommend Shopify over fully custom builds for our eCommerce clients.

Shopify has come a long way in a very short time. The reasons why are fairly obvious, but for us it has been the fact that they are specialists. They deliver the ability for brands to launch in a very short time with a suite of tools that make running an online store very easy. The other thing they do, which most won’t realise, is they reduce risk significantly for brands – both on a security level, but also on a business admin level.   

Custom non-Shopify builds offer more flexibility (Wordpress with Woo Commerce for example), there is no point denying that, but what that flexibility comes with is the need to invest significantly in an internal development resource or an external agency for day-to-day tasks. What you also get with a non-Shopify build is the possibility that it hasn’t been setup in a way that is sustainable for the future, secure or SEO compliant. Essentially by going fully-custom you introduce risk, sometimes unnecessary. Shopify negates all that.

A few key benefits to Shopify (Theme or custom build):

  • Fast setup

  • Shopify handles security / hosting / platform updates

  • Low cost monthly subscription

  • Great suite of existing themes / apps / resources

  • Works without apps, but apps can help to support other elements of your business logic/process and area easily integrated

  • All functions managed from within one simple dashboard

  • Great built-in analytics functions

  • Manages all emails to customer (Purchase confirmation, refund, shipping tracking etc).

  • Links in with existing inventory platforms such as Vend

So where does a non-Shopify custom build fall down?

Well, it mostly comes down to needing experts. Sure, experts can help (as we do with our clients) and it often means the difference between a good store and a world-class store, but day-to-day you don’t need a rocket surgeon to make sales. Custom builds often require developers and people who understand security & the ins and outs of the platforms (like Wordpress). Shopify is a bit like a playground where you’re free to explore without hurting yourself.

We are not saying that custom isn’t the way to go – we certainly have and do recommend these approaches to clients, but it’s a totally different scenario where we would. For now, if you’re looking to start a great online store then Shopify is your go to, and we can help you get there.

Why you need a Shopify Partner (did we mention we’re a Shopify Partner)?

Getting things ‘right’ the first time is really important. We’ve built a significant number of stores for clients in all industries and store types. The things we keep coming back to as drivers of success are; 

  • Efficient setup in a workflow that works for you and your fulfilment

  • Beautiful & consistent imagery on par with competitors

  • All SEO boxes ticked and strategised

  • All systems, apps and requirements completed before launch

  • Management of hooking your store up to your URL and emails

  • Setup of all customer email templates

  • Theme choice and optimisation/custom code tweaks.

Whilst all of these tasks are things you could likely do yourself with some elbow grease and Google, we will be able to get you up and running in a way that gives you a head-start, looking professional from the very beginning.

Equally, if you’d like to work with us on a fully-custom Shopify build with a theme we create from scratch, we are ready and able! 

If you’d like to see some of our best work, visit or or our showcase page.


John Paul Wager