The Agency Value.

In a world where you can DIY your own campaigns, your own media and even your own brand, what’s the point of engaging an agency to support you?

It’s worth noting that in many instances we tend to work with our clients on a ‘we do some of this’ and ‘you do some of that’ basis – the reason being, is that sometimes ‘clients’ are just the best person for a particular part of the job; whether it be because of their experience, knowledge or even just access to information that gives them an edge.

Generally though, agencies (and the many various forms they take) have a wide variety of skillsets that many businesses just don’t have internally, and it’s this reason that we believe agencies are still very much integral to the success of many clients - all be it in an evolving way.

So why hire an agency?

Well, a great metaphor we came across sums it up pretty well:

‘We can all cook, and for most meals we do, but when we want a professional experience, we don’t have time or we need something we just don’t know how to cook, we go to a restaurant’.

So while we don’t liken ourselves to a Michelin Hat restaurant or that guy from MasterChef who underpaid his entire workforce (what a scrooge), we do believe we are more often than not the right choice over the deployment of a DIY (doing it yourself) approach.

Here’s why;

Agencies tend to be a mashup of specialists.

We often have experience and team members that wouldn’t normally be found in internal marketing teams. Servicing hundreds of different clients, across a diverse range of industries over our agency lifespan means we a lot of experience to draw from.

That doesn’t mean we know more than the next person, but it allows us to draw on insights and experiences that would otherwise be missed and when devising a strategic, creative approach to a brand problem or consumer insight.


Let’s talk ROI.

While you pay for ‘X number of hours’ you’re very likely getting 2x when all said and done, a quick poll here and nobody has ever remembered overcharging a client. We have a ‘you never know who’s comparing notes’ policy, so what you see is what you get and it’s generally the same for all of our clients, this is the case for most agencies.


Be better than good.

Whilst there are many ways of getting to an off the shelf, 80% ‘this will do’ result, it’s the last 20% that often really matters. This applies to strategy, design, content, videos, floor plans, printing, Facebook posts – hell, even email signature design. Never underestimate the power of polish and craft.


You have other things to worry about.

Some agencies may not appear to ‘get it’, but we generally understand that marketing, communications and design is a very small part of your job, particularly if you’re a business owner or a small team. We are very conscious that you’ve come to us to solve a problem that you’re struggling to solve internally, and we are your next port of call.

Working daily across finance, fashion, consumer tech and not-for-profits, we absolutely love a challenge, and ultimately; if you succeed, we succeed.


We’re looking at your problem with fresh eyes.

The best solutions often come from a new perspective, someone not too close to the brand/product or service, the specifics and the problem. It’s actually a brilliant and frequent occurrence that a creative solution comes from someone not even on the project. The classic Ping Pong Epiphany you could say.

Now, you might be bursting to point out that there are plenty of downsides to hiring an agency. You’d be correct, sometimes they’re just not in the price range that works for your business – like any business we need to keep the lights on, the rent paid and the staff watered; but that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction. We might also not have the experience or skillset you required, but again – we’re almost always better off to point you in the direction of one of our partners who can than attempt a triple backflip off the rocks (or try to build something in a language we’re not experienced in).  

And, contrary to what you might be afraid of, we’re not just focused on delivering the most scary, creative and unrealistically expensive ideas – that approach doesn’t really work.

We are firm believers that, sometimes, problems are solved by a few code tweaks, a bit of a facelift and a review of the pros and cons that exist in businesses old and new.

Phew…glad thats done.

With all that said, we’re here to help; so if you’d like to discuss a brief over a coffee, get in touch.

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